Belmont Deli, a sure bet!

Here at Belmont Deli we are committed to give our valley the type of food that we grew up on and enjoyed from all the places that we call home. We strive to give you the best deli foods and kosher products, especially the ones imported from New York. Our homemade Matzoh ball Soup alongside Potato salad, Egg salad, and Tuna salads will give you a flavor only secret family recipes could compare. Our Corned Beef was created just for us from a crafty butcher to give it an authentic New York flavor. We serve everything New Yorker’s crave from whitefish, nova lox, chicken liver, Matzoh ball soup, meats, cheeses and as we hear every day, “It’s just good food”. Please walk in and let the smell open your mind to a product and service only New York can deliver. Come in any time to ask us about catering special events, stop by to enjoy a New York bagel, or let us fill you up for lunch. Thank you and we hope to see you soon.

It's just good!

Our Bagels are baked fresh at our bakery, after being imported from A and E Bagels in New York City.

Retail Products

  Pasta, Salsa, Relishes, Jam and variety of cheeses. Come and check out our selection.

The Real Deal!

Our sandwiches are piled high with 6 ounces of meat on every order. Served fresh with our home made coleslaw.